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Okuliaras SkyWatcher 2.5 mm UWA planetinis 1.25``
Okuliaras SkyWatcher 2.5 mm UWA planetinis 1.25``
55.00 EUR / 189.90 Lt
49,99 EUR / 172.61 Lt

Žiūronai Helios Quantum-7.4 25x100
Žiūronai  Helios Quantum-7.4  25x100
2 350.00 EUR / 8 114.08 Lt

Okuliaras stereomikroskopui 20x
Okuliaras stereomikroskopui 20x
15.00 EUR / 51.79 Lt

Tvirtinimo plokštė 21 cm
Tvirtinimo plokštė 21 cm
19.00 EUR / 65.60 Lt

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Trikojis Sirui T-2205X

Kaina: 318.00 EUR / 1 097.99 Lt.




  • The ideal tripod for travelers - full-sized, but folds down small
  • Legs fold up 180°for extra compactness
  • The center column can be inverted for unusual low angle shots
  • For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism
  • Short center column is supplied for low angle or macro shooting
  • 3 position leg angle for uneven terrain
  • Carbon fiber
  • TX 2 Series has retractable spiked feet for outdoor photography
  • TX series tripods-our most compact full-size tripods-were specifically designed with the traveler in mind.
    For easy storage and transport, the tripod can fold as small as 34cm (13.4 in.) - about the size of a 2L water bottle - and weighs as little as 0.8kg (1.8 lb) !
    You can easily fit a TX tripod into a backpack, camera bag or carry-on luggage! You no longer can use the excuse that you didn't bring a tripod because it was too big !
    The TX Series tripod has a uniquely designed leg mechanism that allows you to move the legs up 180°. This allows the tripod to be folded significantly smaller than comparably sized tripods with conventional leg designs. Simply depress the leg angle lock and invert the legs 180°. An added advantage is that you can keep a ball head on the tripod and it will still fit in the compact case.
  • 5 dalių kojos
  • suskleisto ilgis - 37 cm
  • darbinis aukštis - 135 cm
  • maksimalus aukštis - 144,5 cm
  • stovo svoris - 1,2 kg
  • maksimali apkrova - 12 kg
  • Anglies pluoštas 
  • garantija 24 mėn

  • Panašios prekės

    Trikojis Swarovski CT-101

    Trikojis Swarovski CT-101

      trijų dalių kojos suskleisto...

    Kaina: 419.00 EUR / 1 446.72 Lt





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