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Kupolas observatorijai 3 m skersmens ver. 3.0

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Astronomical dome

3M v.3.0 is the new version of 3M dome produced for over 5 years. After manufacturing over 250 domes we decided to implement some improvements on the base of our and customers experience and remarks.

The most important news are:

  • door in the dome side panel
  • redesigned shutter and dome drive system
  • the new shutter power system to allow its opening and closing at any position
  • wider view around the zenith
  • improved shutter and rotary drives sealing system
  • easier and faster installation of the dome
  • improved aesthetics and a new color pattern of the dome
  • All our domes are initially assembled and tested in the factory and then dismantled and carefully prepared for transportation.

    Basic data
  • diameter of the dome: 3000 mm
  • shutter width: 1000 mm
  • dome height: 2400 mm
  • diameter of the base: 2760 mm
  • weight (with pallet): ~350 kg

  • Options for the 3M v3 dome:

    - Door Option for 3M v3 dome 
    - Rotary Drive 
    - Shutter Drive 
    - ScopeDomeUSB card ver. 2.0 system with power contacts, limit switches and 
      dome position encoder module (all neccesary parts) 
    - Heating System for motors and electronics (avaliable only together with Plug And Play Option) 
    - Plug And Play wiring for 3M dome with waterproof boxes 
    - Semi Plug And Play for Manual Dome Controll 
    - Optional Custom Colour - RAL palette except metallic - per one colour

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    Basic data

       Dome dimentions:
    • diameter of the dome: 2000 mm
    • shutter width: 590 mm
    • dome height: 1400 mm
    • diameter of the base: 1940 mm
    • diameter of the outer base ring: 1940 mm
    • diameter of the inner base ring: 1820 mm
    • weight (with pallet): ~ 250 kg

    Height with dedicated tower:
    • tower H80 : 2340 mm
    • tower H120 : 2615 mm

    Additional equipment:
    - small tower H80
    - high tower H120
    - built-in shelf for accessories
    - leveled aluminum base with a hole for the pier.

    The basic version of the dome is designed to be mounted on the observatory`s crown (e.g. on the roof). Base ring has internal and external collar, which must be attached to the crown of the observatory building. For fixing, it is suggested to use Hilti anchors drilling the holes through the laminate. Before attaching the base to the observatory`s crown there is a need to seal all the base ring contact surfaces (joints) with silicone. If you would like to install the dome in the garden on a concrete slab, you should think about ordering it with an additional tower with entrance door. There are two types of different heights: 80 and 120 cm. Each of the towers is standard equipped with front door and one shelf for equipment. You can also order the tower with two or three shelfs for equipment. If you do not want to make a concrete slab under the dome, we recommend a dedicated aluminum base with the floor and special hole for the pier. With big possibilities of height adjustment, it will allow you to setup and level the dome directly on the ground.

    Standard equipment and automation options

    The dome is light enough that you can open, close, and rotate it by hand. We normally does not equip the dome with drive motors for rotation and the shutter. We only install all the necessary components to allow a very simple upgrade to fully automated version in the future. Because of the automation systems, 2M dome can be ordered in several versions:

    a) manual
    b) with the rotary drive
    c) with the shutter drive
    d) with motors without full automation - Semi PlugAndPlay (with built-in heating system for electronics)
    e) fully automatic - PlugAndPlay (motor control using a computer)
    f) heating system of the box with electronic for PlugAndPlay version
    g) dedicated power supply

    Dome automatics

    Dome automatics in PlugAndPlay version consists of following components:

    Rotation control:

    a) ScopeDome USB Card Main Unit
    b) Remote controller
    c) 12V PWM Dome Motor Control Module
    d) ScopeDome USB Card Main Unit has 230V AC sockets on its left side to control the telescope, CCD camera and FAN socket. The sockets can be used to connect any device powered with 230 VAC.

    Shutter control:

    e) ScopeDome USB Card Rotary Unit
    f) 12V PWM Dome Motor Control Module
    g) Hygrometer
    h) Thermometer for the motor temperature measurement
    i) Thermometer for the internal electronics temperature measurement Ordering SemiPlugAndPlay version you will receive only devices marked as a), e), g).
    Upgrade from SemiPlugAndPlay to PlugAndPlay version is possible. In this case there is a need to send back to us complete plates with installed automatics. Wiring system for 2M dome is designed to support such operations.



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